Software Engineering and Web Designing

As being quoted by Tim Berner Lee,”Innovation is serendipity you don’t know what people will think about it”,Software is just like learning a new programming language and enter into a new programming world and In that programming world you might not be knowing what people will be thinking.Software Engineering involves learning new languages such as Java,C,C++ that will help you for the better development of software.Our Institute develops software programmers in such a way that they analyze users to test,design and run the software.Our Institute also teaches Web developer course where students inculcate programming language and develop the website.


Hardware and Networking

Hardware is like repairing the several components of the also involves assembling and dissembling of the computer.Networking involves making configuration in the networking cables by actually accesing into the computer.Our institute constructs Hardware Engineers in such a way that the customers will be satisfied by taking our students service of repairing the computers.It also strives to give fullest of the knowledge to the students and through this process our students have achieved a better position in the IT companies.


Animation and VFX

Animation involves designing,thinking and developing creative images in the minds.It also involves creating something new on the computer like creating 3d,2d images on the computer and editing images.Our Institute has a special Animation lab where students design and analyze visual projects in the computer platform.As being quoted by some scholar men,”Design is thinking made visible”,Our Institute has made students minds creative and visible and It also believes that design is a behavior,not a department.It also teaches Movie making that enables them to make them a movie better.


Android Application

The New Craze gone through the technology is developing Android Application.Through Android Studio Software we can develop many apps that can be uploaded on to the Play store.For the past many years our institute has been developing many apps with the students.Through Android apps we can get a lot of information which we can get it practically operating on the mobile.

Computech Application

Now you can download our Computech Application from Play Store.It is totally free so dont hesititate to download it.What you are waiting for.........Remove your mobile and download it

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